Jean Chung (진청)


My name is Jean Chung, meaning 'deep blue' in Korean. I am a visual artist and a painter currently based in Seoul, South Korea.

I majored in Korean literature and Fine Arts at Korea University. I used to work in a publishing house for some time before turning into a full-time artist. Having a background in literature, my passion lies in storytelling via painting.

Working with mostly traditional art mediums, I experiment between paintings, illustrations, and books.

Say hello to me at for fun collaborations or any inquiries!


Korea University

Seoul, South Korea

Korean Language and Literature BA

Fine Arts BA


Solo Show

2022.08.04-2022.09.12 Ananti Namhae Eternal Journey

A Palette of Sea and Sun

2022.03.02-2022.04.22 Desker Design Store

Though You May Wander

Group Exhibition

2022 The Hyundai x Young Art Fair: Art Dive In

2022 Flea Auction <CLASSIC, CLASSY ART>

2021 Publishers' Table, D Museum

2021 Grimdosi, Ground SeeSaw Seongsu

2020 Suncheon Artbook Fair

2019 Seoul Illustration Fair, Coex 


2022 The Palette Diary, Self published

2020 Artwork for <WHAT WILL THE SKY BE TODAY?> Published by Books International, a project funded by UNESCO

Commissioned & Collaborations

2022 Collaboration with Tounou

2022 Collaboration with Dot Slash Dash

2022 Mural Painting for Letari

2022 Beauty illustrations for H Magazine January Issue

2019 Artwork for BurgerBang




고려대학교 서울캠퍼스 국어국문학과, 조형학부 졸업



2022.08.04-2022.09.12 아난티 남해 이터널저니

A Palette of Sea and Sun: 해와 바다의 팔레트

2022.03.02-2022.04.22 데스커 디자인스토어

Though You May Wander: 긴 꿈에 헤매더라도


2022 더현대 x 영아트페어: 아트 다이브 인


2021 퍼블리셔스테이블, 디뮤지엄

2021 그림도시, 그라운드시소 성수

2020 순천아트북페어

2019 서울일러스트레이션페어, 코엑스


2022 <팔레트 다이어리>, 독립출판

2020 북스인터내셔널 그림책 <오늘 하늘은> 그림작업 참여

외주 & 콜라보레이션 작업

2022 뚜누(Tounou)와 협업

2022 닷슬래시대쉬(Dot Slash Dash)와 영상 협업 

2022 르타리 벽화 작업 

2022 H Magazine 1월호 내지 삽화 

2019 버거뱅 일러스트 작업