Jean Chung (진청)


My name is Jean Chung, meaning 'deep blue' in Korean. I am a visual artist and a painter currently based in Seoul, South Korea.

I majored in Korean literature and Fine Arts at Korea University. I used to work in a publishing house for some time before turning into a full-time artist. Having a background in literature, my passion lies in storytelling via painting.

Working with mostly traditional art mediums, I experiment between paintings, illustrations, and books.

Say hello to me at for fun collaborations or any inquiries!


Korea University, Korean Languange and Literature, Fine Arts BA


Solo Show

2022.03.02-2022.04.22 Desker Design Store

Though You May Wander

2022 Flea Auction <CLASSIC, CLASSY ART>

2021 Publishers' Table, D Museum

2021 Grimdosi, Ground SeeSaw Seongsu

2020 Suncheon Artbook Fair

2020 Artwork for <WHAT WILL THE SKY BE TODAY?> Published by Books International, a project funded by UNESCO

2019 Seoul Illustration Fair, Coex 

학력 및 약력

고려대학교 서울캠퍼스 국어국문학과, 조형학부 졸업


개인전 2022.03.02-2022.04.22 데스커 디자인스토어

Though You May Wander: 긴 꿈에 헤매더라도



2021 퍼블리셔스테이블, 디뮤지엄

2021 그림도시, 그라운드시소 성수

2020 순천아트북페어

2020 북스인터내셔널 그림책 <오늘 하늘은> 그림작업 참여
2019 서울일러스트레이션페어, 코엑스